Hi! I am Mackenzie Alexander, the soul behind M.Alexander Photography. The hands-on services are a one woman show, but I would not be pursuing this passion without the support from my friends and family who got me started. As a small business, my clients get the perks of personal attention from start to finish. I believe in the authenticity of the moment and for this reason I like to build a relationship with my client and then capture their emotions with a creative photojournalism style.


LGBTQ+ clients are welcomed and celebrated! All couples and families are embraced by the services of M.Alexander Photography. 

A little about myself....

Ever since I was a child I loved being behind (or in front) of the camera. The proof is in the many home videos deemed "Kenzie Cam" where I ran around family gatherings filming the world at 4 feet tall. Since then I have grown (both in height and professionally) and have a B.A. in Film and Media Arts. Besides photography, I enjoy setting up my hammock in any green space I can find in Philadelphia, making food in a blender, petting any dogs, and karaoke. 

Please reach out to me with an questions or inquiries

/ˈlɛnzwoman/ (Noun) - photographer or camera(wo)man